The Sickies & Great Storage

Hi all!
Its been a rough few days around my house so I have nothing especially fun for you today. 

There is little more pitiful than seeing your sick baby have a mask on his face to take his breathing treatments for RSV, which is what we've been doing since Friday. The little guy is taking it like a champ and doesn't even try to get the mask off. And, of course, the silly parents who waited too late in the evening to give the last treatment of the night were up at 10:30 pm last night with a baby who couldn't get enough of his jumper because the medicine acts as a stimulant. Yikes! The same parents who I suspect also have RSV as both the hubs and I are completely congested and have a nasty cough. The 3 year old seems to have the best of it, and for the most part is unaffected... which means he's acting like a perfectly well 3 year old and running around rampant!! 

Needless to say, I'm exhausted. 
The house is a bit of a disaster.
Emails have been left unanswered.
Comments have not been left.

I'm going to try to get the Craft Your Stash features up tomorrow, but haven't even had a chance to look through the pics yet. So if you haven't added your before & after photos, now is your chance to get in and still be featured tomorrow!

And since no post is any fun without some kind of pictures...
I had a reader curious about some of the containers I purchased from The Container Store after my date night with the hubs last weekend. I took some lovely photos of all my lovely new organizational supplies to show you!

I picked up a couple of these wire baskets for my craft area. They fit perfectly in my shelves and are cute to boot!

I have been in need of a new over-the-door shoe storage system for longer than I can remember. I used to have something like this, but it was always dropping all of my shoes on to the floor. How I put up with it for 8 years, I will never know. I love my new system!! The pockets are extra wide so they can hold a pair of small shoes.

I picked up a couple of these small plastic baskets with handles to use for my spice storage. I do not have a pantry {boo! hiss!} so I have to make the most of my cabinets. The spices that don't fit on my wall-mounted spice rack have to go in the cabinet and that shelf is above my eye level. These baskets are easy in and easy out of the cabinet!

I cannot find a link to these baskets on The Container Store website {I think they're new?}, but they are a fabulous size for storing all the little toys that are kept in the living room. And with the lids, the toys are completely out of sight when company is over!

And that's it for me, folks. 
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with the Craft Your Stash features!
Keep your fingers crossed. ;)