Social Saturday - Coke Crates

Happy Saturday! 
I hope your weekend is off to a good start. 

We bundled the boys up this morning and hit the Nashville flea market! 
The good news, we all found a little something we wanted. 
The bad news, I completely forgot to take my camera to show off all of the fun stuff I saw. :( 

So you will just have to do with seeing my purchase! 
Yep, its a Coke crate. But its exactly what I was wanting to purchase today. 
I have plans for this bad boy! 

Coke crates are not a new accessory in my house.  
I use some Coke crates to show off my shot glass collection! 

I started collecting these in college. 
One of my best girlfriends brought me one back from her trip to New Orleans and that just set it all off. 
I started collecting them to symbolize the places I had been and the things that I had seen. 
I also have some sent from friends from where they live. 
For a few years, my dad even had some of his coworkers bring some back when they traveled to other countries. 
I have some shot glasses from as far away as Russia and Japan! 

I haven't collected much lately, but we haven't traveled as much since starting a family. 
I will have to be sure to get one when I go to Utah for the SNAP! conference!

And speaking of conferences...
If you follow me on Facebook you know I made some new friends this week! 

Blissdom (another blog conference) takes place in Nashville and, even though I didn't go to the conference, I had the opportunity to have lunch with some crafty bloggers in town who did go! I also got to see some familiar local faces which I always enjoy.

And, as if to start the trend, I forgot to take my camera!! I will have to snag a photo from one of the other girls later.

Happy weekend!