Social Saturday - My Craft Space

The January round of the Craft Your Stash challenge
is due today! I've been feverishly working to get my
craft space organized, and it has taken weeks to finish!

Granted I can only work on it in the evenings after
my boys go to bed but it took forever to get organized.

I'm not sure the last time it was organized...
Maybe last summer?

Isn't that terrible?

I hope you'll join in the challenge and upload your
craft space before & after photos to our Flickr group!
Photo features will be Tuesday, Feb. 7th!

I'm almost too embarrassed to show you all of the before photos of my craft space! 
It is just horrendous.

The top photo is the wide screen shot of my area. I have a corner of our bonus room as my crafty space. I try to maximize my spot as much as possible!
I can't even tell you the last time I was able to sit in my desk chair!

And to maximize my space, I don't mean covering the floor with crap like the bottom two photos show.
Its disgraceful, really. Now do you see why it took me so long to clean it up?

Let's get on to the after photos, shall we?
They make me happy!
Oh the difference! Look at all that floor!

Everything is organized and has a home and I swear I did not just shove stuff out of the view of the camera. Everything that belongs in the craft space is there!

To help maximize my space I have to go vertical where I can. Its not the best since I'm only 5'2, but I can reach most everything. ;)

Last summer the hubs made these great shelves for me. The one in the top photo is on the left side of my desk. I have all of my wrapped fabric as well as some other fabric remnants.

The bottom shelf is my shelf of shame.
It contains all of the unfinished projects I hope to get done for February's Craft Your Stash challenge!

The shelves in the bottom photo is on the wire shelf above my work area. Most of my categorized craft supplies live here. Each container contains something specific like rub-ons, bling, adhesive, etc. I love the easy access!

My paper stash is freshly organized in my favorite piece of furniture picked up from the flea market.

Since most of my craft desk organization is more functional than cute, 
I decided I wanted to at least dress up one area and gathered some fun supplies together for the top of the paper storage.

You can also see that my new Silhouette Cameo from Christmas is still sitting in its box. :(
I'm still using the SD for now!

My Mod Podged shelves hold my slowly growing sewing supplies. This is the year of the sewing machine for me!

To the right in the above photo you can see where I had the brilliant idea to hang a 3M Command hook behind the shelves to hang my tote bags. It keeps them out of the floor and out of sight!

I made my immediate work area more open my shuffling some things around. Now my pens, paint brushes, and scissors are off to the side instead of in the middle of everything. 

I have plans to "cute-ify" my industrial storage box in the middle of my desk, but that will have to wait for another day. This month's challenge wasn't to make my craft space cute. Which is good because that would take some time!

Under my work area I have my Silhouette SD and all of its supplies as well as crammed full photo boxes. The black trash bin actually holds items from around the house that I think can be upcycled. 


Whew!! That's about it for the tour! 
Its not the cutest space, but it works for me. We'll see how long I can keep it clean!

If you would like to join in January's Craft Your Stash challenge to organize your craft space, I would love for you to upload your photos to our Flickr group! Its a support group of sorts, and each month we'll have a new challenge. You can find February's challenge here!

How does your craft space look right now?