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Social Saturday - The Story of a Cake

I promised to share the 3 catastrophic events that effected my son's 1st birthday cake today. Looking back I can definitely find the entertainment value in these events. At the time it wasn't quite as funny! 

Be sure to read them all. The 3rd one is a doozie!!

1. The cake itself
My first attempt at making 1 of the 4 layers of cake fell. Like fell completely flat in the middle. It made for a great taste test, but happy I was not. Its because of potential events like this that I do my baking in advance so luckily I had plenty of time to reattempt. My 2nd cake came out perfect, if I do say so myself. 

The cake actually is a two part story. The recipe calls for pudding mix which makes it really spongy (and yummy!) so layering the cakes turned out to be a bit of a disaster...

Let us call it the leaning tower of cake.
Even with 5 skewers inside it would not hold straight. Luckily it seemed to be holding up, if not slightly askew. 
After passing out slices to the party guests, we had about half the cake left. We all walked away to eat it then open birthday gifts. In the meantime the cake, oh my lovely cake, fell over.

Yep, the top 3 layers slid right off. They did land on the cake plate so for that I was grateful.
And apparently my lovely family secretly tried to fix it back upright to save my ego, but the cake was having none of that and fell again. :)

2. The icing
Never ever again will I do a cream cheese icing on a birthday cake.
It was absolutely scrumptious and totally made the cake, but was so runny that I had no control over where it went on the cake! If you look at the picture of it, do you see those sprinkles around the sides at the top? They didn't start out there. The icing ran!

And those ridges along the cake? Those are the cake layers where the icing ran over them trying desperately to get to the bottom of the plate.

Now you might not think my cake is so pretty now that you know it secrets. ;)

3. My dog ate it
No seriously, my dog at the cake.

Remember I said the cake fell? Well the cake plate was near the edge of the table, and I didn't feel like cleaning it up right away so it sat there for a little while. In the meantime, one of my sneaky little dogs snuck in the kitchen after all of the guests had left and ate at least half of the cake that had fallen over!! I of course had the throw the rest of what fell away. We still had that bottom layer that was untouched to snack on. 

And my dog had a seriously tummy ache around 4am...

What is your most catastrophic baking story?
I would love to hear about it!

Winners! (And computers hate me.)

Please, someone PLEASE hold me back from throwing the computer in a lake. I’ve fought with one computer all week and now I’m on our archaic one and it’s power cord is jacked so it shuts down randomly while I type.
…like just now.
Technology hates me.
Anyway, I hope you’ll understand the reason for this brief post tonight, and I hope to be back shortly (maybe even this weekend if I can get one computer working) with a new post. :)
I wanted to make sure to announce the four lucky winners of recent giveaways!
The two $50 winners of the Rusted Chain giveaway are:

1. Holly at Hollyprobably AT hotmail DOT com
2. Megan at megankrous(at)yahoo(dot)com
And the two winners of the Antique Farm House giveaway are:

1. Dawn from Dabble with Dawn
2. Kristi at kgirl418(at)gmail(dot)com
…OK I’m back. Shut down again. :)
Whew. I’m not pushing my luck anymore – I am outtie. ;) I hope you have a lovely weekend and may your computers be nice to you.

Pinterest Feature Friday - PFF #25

Hello, friends! 
Michele here with a special Easter edition of PFF! 

Today I'm showing off fun Easter pins from Maggie Muggins of Maggie Muggins Designs

Profile Picture of Maggie MugginsMaggie Muggins Designs
Maggie has 52 pins on her Easter board
That certainly blows my 18 pins out of the water. 
I can see that I will be finding some inspiration here! 

Easter board

Let's see what we can find, shall we?

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

Great inspiration, Maggie!
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Have you joined the Pinterest Master List yet?
We would love to have you! And, who knows, maybe you will be our next feature!

Chiang Mai Dragon fabric! {Inspired}

I am still obsessed, are you? Check out this Fabulous DIY painted wall.

Chang Mai Wall
Wallpaper or Paint? Why not "Chang Mai" paint a Wall!

Find Out more about the DIY Via Gorgeous shiny things

Chang Mai Cushions

TWO Chiang Mai Dragon in Alabaster

A Pair of Chairs

A Settee


Any other Chang Mai Ideas? The list could be endless with this fabulous fabric!

It's a spray paint party!

Hey hey! We’ve been dealing with a blue screen of death around here tonight – but Hubs saved the day. :) And then Live Writer decided to hate this post looks a little different because I'm publishing in Blogger. Because I’m getting this up later than I had hoped, this will be a quick post, so you all can get to linkin’!
I'm just glad to have it GO UP. 

Today’s party is the last in the Spring Fling linkies we’ve been hosting over the past couple of weeks:

So today’s project is pretty much as basic as it gets, but it’s a goody. :)

I’m on a mission to have every one of you try spray painting, and hopefully this will convince you.
I’ve been wanting a much taller lamp on our foyer table for ages now. I found one at Goodwill a few weeks ago, brought it home but the light it didn’t work. ARGH.
Found this one the other day, and it’s almost identical:
It was super tall, very heavy and substantial and all kinds of brassy goodness. ;) AND $10 -- is Goodwill getting more expensive or is it me?

I love these older brass lamps because their lines are just beautiful – I think it’s hard to find them like this anymore.

I took it outside to the garage (on an old sheet) and gave it a quick prime:
I used the Valspar version till I ran out, then used the BIN. But I usually only use the BIN primer on something that will get lots of wear and tear, like a chair. It’s mega expensive (for primer), so don’t worry about that for most projects.

Then I gave it a quick coat of brushed nickel spray paint:
And people…that. is. it. 
For all that is good, go get some spray paint!! ;)

I grabbed a lamp shade that’s been in the family room for about a year now:
 I found it at HomeGoods and LOVE IT. It’s so funny though, because the grey spots used to be blue – the sun has bleached them out. So the grey color is a PERFECT match to the new lamp:
It was meant to be. ;)
Actually, I’d rather the shade be a bit taller, but I’m not complaining, since I was using what I had!

It looks SO much better than the shorty glass lamp I had there before:
 So there’s my latest spray paint transformation for ya:
My quick do’s for spray painting:
DO use short, quick sprays.
DO shake the can really well, and here and there throughout your project
DO spray paint in the garage (with the door open) or outside
DO use eye protection and a mask if you are concerned about fumes!
I hope that helps if you are just trying out!

Now, let’s see your spray paint projects! I would appreciate a link back to this post, and if you want you can add this pretty button:

Cars & Trucks Birthday Party

I so excited to share our 
Cars & Trucks Birthday Party 
with you today! 

We had a ton of fun and, thanks to being able to visually gather ideas on Pinterest, it was easy to plan and fairly stress free to put together! 

I focused on color scheme (blue, orange, & gray) for our party decor and food. 
I really loved planning it this way and it made it super simple! 

I will put a list of where to find items I used at the end of the blog post.

The balloons on each side of the table may be my very favorite aspect of the decor! 
They had a huge impact for little cost and very little work. 

I bought 20" balloon sticks and put paper straws on them make them a little more fun. 
I put the sticks in old tin cans that I had wrapped in twine. 

Our main party drink was orange citrus water. Mmmmmm, good! 

Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the recipe and now I can't find it, but basically you cut up some oranges, a lemon, a lime, and add some cilantro to water. Its pretty, tasty, and healthy!

I also had some orange cream soda available as well as sweet tea because, hey, this is the south, y'all!

The orange creamsicle cake was absolutely divine! 
And, yes, that is in past tense. It is long gone!

In my opinion, this cake is absolutely hideous, but the taste more than made up for it! A lot of it had to do with the orange-flavored cream cheese frosting (both the hideousness and the great taste!).

And though you can't really tell in the photo, its an orange ombre cake! 
You find the recipe at Tales from Tangerine.
I did make some edits to the recipe. Instead of separating the batter into fourths, I separated it into halves essentially doubling the recipe. In turn, I ended up cooking each cake twice as long.

There are some stories to tell about this cake, but I think I'll save them for this weekend's Social Saturday post. So if you're curious to know about the not one, not two, but three catastrophic events of this cake, come back then!

The Food:
I wrapped my cake pops holders with scrapbook paper that was a source of the cars & trucks party inspiration. 
I filled them with brownie truffles covered in orange and blue chocolate icing. 

I filled a wire basket with clementines.

Inside decorative take out boxes I placed candied orange slices, white rock candy, and peaches & cream gumballs.

In little paper cups I had small carrots with ranch dressing and blueberries & cream.
Perfect portions!

The sky Jello was super yummy and perfect for our littlest partiers. 

We also had bbq pulled pork, bbq chips, cheese puffs, and potato salad for lunch. 
I think the potato salad was my only non-color scheme food!

For my backdrop, I taped blue and orange streamers to a dowel rod and settled it on top of my big picture window in the kitchen. We had the table pushed up to the window so it made for a bright and festive background! 

I strung up my Sunburst Straw Chalkboard Wreath in front of it with a message to our birthday boy. 

I decorated our wooden party untensils to match the decor 
by stamping them in blue ink with my Chevron Stamp

Making it work: I could not find a 1st birthday Mylar balloon that worked in my color scheme and had a matching and/or generic theme. So I bought a balloon I could alter to work for me!

This blue and purple balloon was super cute with the little cupcake, but the purple had to go so I used a circle punch on orange scrapbook paper to cut out circles to adhere over the purple spots. 

Easy peasy and now it matches my decor!

I made my little guy a shirt to wear for his party. Its the same car that is on his birthday invitation

I put fusible webbing on my fabrics (all from my stash!! no new material! you might recall my goal of not purchasing fabric in 2012!) and cut out templates for my car, circle, and #1.
I ironed it all together and it came out super cute!

I must admit though that I chickened out big time on this project. 
I wanted to stitch around the edges of the fabric but lost my nerve to do it
It wasn't necessary, but I thought it would make it even cuter.

Maybe next year?

I made a fun bunting of my little guy's first year. 

Its fun to see how much he has grown and changed! 

It was a big hit with my party guests. Especially the ones that didn't get to see him very often!

And the best part of the party was seeing this little guy so happy! 

He was an absolute doll during the party and had a great time eating his personal cupcake!
He was even a champ and wore the party had I had made him. 

Happy first birthday to my little Caleb!!

Party Supplies:
Hobby Lobby: Balloon Sticks
Party City: Balloons
Shop Sweet Lulu: Candy Cups, Chevron Favor Bags (used for bunting!)
Pick Your Plum: Paper Straws, Orange Baker's Twine
Susty Party: Wooden Utensils