Cars & Trucks Birthday Invitation

Its time for the invitation reveal for my littlest one's 1st birthday! 

We're having a cars & trucks party! 

My little guy LOVES playing with cars and can do a pretty impressive motor noise, so a cars & trucks party theme seemed like the natural choice. 

Let me show you some tricks of how I made this invite. 

These acrylic stamps were $1 and part of a cars and trucks themed scrapbook set. I knew I wanted to use them in the decor as part of the theme and wanted to also be able to use them on the invites. 

So I decided to scan them onto my computer! 

First I inked them up really well with some good black ink and stamped them onto white cardstock. I used a black marker to fill in any places that the color did not saturate well. The next step, after everything was dry, was to scan them onto my computer.

Now I can open them in my drawing program and crop each shape and change the colors, etc.

I also scanned some of the papers I had from the scrapbook set. 

Then it was just a matter of building the image of the invite!

 Because to me less isn't necessarily more, and I kind of have a problem of making more work for myself when I don't really have to... I made a couple extra little cars slightly larger than the one on the invite. I cut them out with my X-acto knife (scissors would do the job, too) and applied some 3D foam stickers to the back. I arranged the cut out car over the one on the invite and attached it.

The invites look good without the extra 3D embellishment, but I do think it helps give it that extra customized look and a little oomph!

Ahhh, I love them!!

So that is part one of the birthday saga. 
I'll have another fun DIY project I'm using for the party next week!

Also I'm excited to announce that these invites are available in my Etsy shop!

I link to these fun parties.