Fonts for Boys | Part 1

I am declaring March the month for boys! 

All month long I am going to be sharing bits and pieces of the prepping of my littlest one's 1st birthday so I thought I would make all of my posts boy related. 

I am a self-described font addict and have way more fonts on my computer than I dare tell you!
So I thought I would share a few fun ones I have that remind me of boys. 

So I present you with 
FONTS for BOYS Part 1

1. Milano LET
2. Neon Lights
3. Paint Boy
4. Plastic Explosive
5. Puzzleface
6. Raceway
7. ScrewedSW
8. Scriba LET
9. Slipstream LET
10. Toy Train
11. URWWoodTypD
12. Walk Around the Block

These fonts are all free to download.
Always be sure to read any terms of service associated with a font.

Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

I link to these fun parties.