Have a settee

This post is proof that good things come to those who wait…at least it came to me. This time.  ;)

For about the past, oh…YEAR, I’ve been looking for something very specific for this spot at the bottom of our stairs:

I thought a little settee would look quite lovely there, but it wasn’t really something I needed, so I just kept my eye out. Forever.

I looked at shops, I looked online, I looked on Craigslist. But all I found were the wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong price, or ones that looked like this:

I mean, it’s fine. It’s just not what I was looking for. ;)

And then. THEN. I walked into TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been there in so. long. And then I saw it. The roof opened up and there were sunbeams shining down on it.

And it was dark out. So you know that was somethin’.

It was a dark grey/blue color, it was the right size (I was pretty sure), and it the back was (swoon) tufted:

OH em gah, I was hyperventilating. The Bub was like, what the heck Mom? And I was all like, BOY, you don’t understand – Momma’s been waiting a year for this.

I was all caressing it and walking around it stalking it like a cat, and he was just very, very confused. ;)

You know how it is with a place like TJ or HomeGoods – you gotta pounce on it. But I wanted to make sure it would fit in the spot and I’m very much if it’s meant to be it will be kind of girl, so I left it there.

Turns out it was a PERFECT fit, so I raced strolled in the next morning and wished and wished and wished it was still there. You know how it is when you go back for something? The sweating? The tears? The hoping?

Is it just me?

Well, I’m writing this post, you can guess it was still there. And I didn’t have to tackle anyone! Yesss.

I dressed it up with some pillows I made this weekend and LOVE it in this spot. I used the drapery fabric from the adjoining living room to make a couple pillows:

I should have ironed them, but let’s ignore that. :)

The other one you may recognize from our Christmas dining room table – it’s (yet another) placemat pillow:

placemat pillow

Yes. I have a problem. I love them – they’re easy and cheap and fun. I added a little blue button in the middle to add a little somethin’.

Click on the pic to see the others I’ve done:

placemat pillows placemat pillows pottery barn placemat pillows

I’ve even made them for outside:

outdoor placemat pillows

And they hold up GREAT!

Anyhoo, check out my mad sewing skillz:

I don’t even bother to match the thread to the pillow. Cause you know what I say…cookies to all who even notice.

That doesn’t count any of you cause you already know, by the way. So no trying to get cookies.

I love the little settee!:

I love the low arms and pretty lines.

And the tufting. Whooee, the tufting. LOVE it!

It’s just perfect for that spot:

It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Although now that it’s here, I don’t think it will stay for long. It will be AWESOME in the dining room redo. Which is slowllllllly starting. I may have some (teensy) progress to show you in the next couple of weeks.

Now, I kinda love the old windows hanging above the settee, because they are a nice juxtaposition against the more modern look of it:

But I do have a little something in mind instead. We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m not in any hurry though, cause as you know, I take my time. :)

But for now, I just sit on my settee and give it the occasional smooch and I’m happy.

I’m planning on adding some nailhead trim, eventually. Ohh la LA. I thought about putting some small casters on, but I think with the shape of the legs it may be too much.

Sooo…have you waited for that perfect piece forever like me? What was it? Did you cry rejoice when you saw it for the first time like me? ;) Do tell!

P.S. The March Before and After Party will go up Monday night! Join in!