Social Saturday - Learning to Sew!

I took the leap last night and finally pulled my sewing machine out of the box! 

Its only been in there for, oh, 14 months. But who's counting! 

Its not much. Just a little Singer mending machine. But I'm not trying to make my family's wardrobe with it. Just do a little crafting! So hopefully it will be perfect for that. 

I practiced stitching on some scrap fabric. Don't I already have some mad skills? 
Yeah... I think this is going to take a lot of practice! 

My presser foot seems to only have one speed no matter how gentle I press it. 

But this stitching tells you another thing... I threaded the machine!
I figured that was half the battle. 

The machine came with a lot of thread and bobbins. And oddly most of the bobbins were already filled. 
I'm wondering at the quality of the thread though. I had the thread break several times while I was practice stitching. I think some of it may have to do with trying to figure the proper tension. 

I poured over my sewing Pinterest board looking through the tips I've been saving for new sewers. Its helped a lot with my understand of how the thing works!

I still have a lot of questions and hopefully I'll be able to find answers soon. 

And now that she's out, I think she needs a name...