Social Saturday - The Story of a Cake

I promised to share the 3 catastrophic events that effected my son's 1st birthday cake today. Looking back I can definitely find the entertainment value in these events. At the time it wasn't quite as funny! 

Be sure to read them all. The 3rd one is a doozie!!

1. The cake itself
My first attempt at making 1 of the 4 layers of cake fell. Like fell completely flat in the middle. It made for a great taste test, but happy I was not. Its because of potential events like this that I do my baking in advance so luckily I had plenty of time to reattempt. My 2nd cake came out perfect, if I do say so myself. 

The cake actually is a two part story. The recipe calls for pudding mix which makes it really spongy (and yummy!) so layering the cakes turned out to be a bit of a disaster...

Let us call it the leaning tower of cake.
Even with 5 skewers inside it would not hold straight. Luckily it seemed to be holding up, if not slightly askew. 
After passing out slices to the party guests, we had about half the cake left. We all walked away to eat it then open birthday gifts. In the meantime the cake, oh my lovely cake, fell over.

Yep, the top 3 layers slid right off. They did land on the cake plate so for that I was grateful.
And apparently my lovely family secretly tried to fix it back upright to save my ego, but the cake was having none of that and fell again. :)

2. The icing
Never ever again will I do a cream cheese icing on a birthday cake.
It was absolutely scrumptious and totally made the cake, but was so runny that I had no control over where it went on the cake! If you look at the picture of it, do you see those sprinkles around the sides at the top? They didn't start out there. The icing ran!

And those ridges along the cake? Those are the cake layers where the icing ran over them trying desperately to get to the bottom of the plate.

Now you might not think my cake is so pretty now that you know it secrets. ;)

3. My dog ate it
No seriously, my dog at the cake.

Remember I said the cake fell? Well the cake plate was near the edge of the table, and I didn't feel like cleaning it up right away so it sat there for a little while. In the meantime, one of my sneaky little dogs snuck in the kitchen after all of the guests had left and ate at least half of the cake that had fallen over!! I of course had the throw the rest of what fell away. We still had that bottom layer that was untouched to snack on. 

And my dog had a seriously tummy ache around 4am...

What is your most catastrophic baking story?
I would love to hear about it!