Social Saturday - Welcome Spring!

We are having some crazy nice weather here in TN lately. I don't know what to call it other than an early spring! Things are blooming and growing. I love it! 

A well known fact about Tennessee...
Blink and you'll miss spring around here.
It typically lasts about a week of lovely temps in the 70s then we're slammed with serious summer heat and nasty humidity. So the last couple of weeks have been fantastic! I'm hoping it will stretch a bit longer.

A little known fact about me... 
I love to garden! 
We have two above ground vegetable gardens as well as a couple other gardens for flowers and random herbs. 
And I love to grow my plants from seed! 
It just feels so rewarding to sew that little seed and nurture it into something bigger.

I spent last weekend starting my seeds in my potting shed. 
Even though it takes at least a week for the little seedlings to poke through the dirt, I've been like a little schoolgirl checking them every afternoon after work to see how they are doing!

Tomorrow has been declared outdoor day at our house. 
Time to clean out the flower beds and get ready to put some color in there!

How are you spending your weekend?
Are you experiencing spring, too?