Spring Fling and more!

Hello all! Happy Friday to you all!

I’m the late one making this fun little announcement, but I had to let you know…we’re baaaaaack!! ;)


We have so much fun doing these linkies and I hear you all get some darn good traffic from them, so we are really looking forward it again this spring!

For this Spring Fling, Layla will host spring mantel decor, Rhoda will have the door decor party, Kate will host spring crafts and I want to see all your latest spray paint projects! Cause spring doesn’t just mean flowers and blooms and better temps – it means getting outside and transforming something!! WHOO!

You have a few weeks to get ready, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I also need to announce the winners of the $40 Heal My Sole giveaway! The two lucky ladies are Jill at JillRDH1 at windstream dot net and emeryandkathy at gmail dot com. Email me and I’ll get you connected with your winnings!

I think the voting for The Homies (over at Apartment Therapy) ends tonight! I so appreciate that so many of you have voted for me. Seriously, I am honored. Seriously.

If you are so inclined, you can vote for TDC by going here:


If you don’t have an AP account, you can go here. (It’s very quick and they don’t send you stuff unless you ask for it.) And if you already have an account, you can go here to sign in.

Thanks again!! Muwah Squeezies!!!!!

I may be back tonight with another quick post. We’ll see. I may decide on sleep instead. ;)