A glass door…could you do it?

OK, I’ve had an idea runnin’ around in my head for a while now. I think about it EVERY. single. day. lately and can’t shake the thought of it.

Every time I walk by our foyer, especially during the day, I think of how awesome it would be:

interior black door

(That’s an old pic from last summer, the latest full shot I could find of our foyer!)

For years now, I’ve been wanting a screen or storm door on our front door. The desire for one intensifies 100 fold this time of year, when spring has sprung and I have this overwhelming desire to have light pouring in everywhere.

Our foyer is the darkest spot in our house – we’re north facing so the front gets zero direct light. Even before the interior side of the door was painted black, it was always a dark spot.

Sooo…for years I’ve figured I can rectify that with a screen door of sorts. But I’ve found I don’t care for how they look from the outside. I don’t particularly like most storm doors I see either. I haven’t looked a whole lot, mind you, but I love our front door and don’t really want to block it.

So HOW do I get this light pouring in that I so desperately want and NEED? (OK need is a little much, I know.)

We had a chance to have sidelights put in when we built the house, but you see…I have a problem that is causing a major internal struggle when it comes to my idea.

I didn’t do sidelights because they give me the HEEBY JEEBIES. I do not like to answer the door if I don't want to. (For random strangers, not people I like. As far as they know.) The thought of someone being able to see inside my house creeps me out. And if I want to sneak up to the door to see who’s on the other side without answering, well, that’s my prerogative (they say I’m crazy, I really don’t care…).

But now, for some reason, I can’t get the idea of a front door with glass out of my stinkin’ head:

black glass front door

Can you even imagine all the glorious light shining in that house? I can.

I’m positively drooling at the thought of it:


I love my black interior door, but this blue door is totally fun:

blue interior door

People, WHAT is wrong with me? I can’t stop thinking about glass doors!!

Sarah had a door company put a glass insert in her front door and it’s gorgeous!:

glass front door (source)

Lucky for me, I have a contact for glass inserts. ;) So I could totally do this.

But the full glass door…well, as much as I love it, I just don’t know if I could. I ask you, how do you hide from people with that?!

Maybe normal people don’t hide? It’s just me?

So now I’m thinkin’. I wonder if the door company could just do a smaller insert? Something like this perhaps?:


Or this? (Check out this gorgeous house from the inside too!):



I think I could handle that. This shot is what I imagine ours would look like from the inside:


Although I’d probably only do six panes, not nine. Or maybe I could frost them like I did the pantry door?:

glass pantry door

So the light would still come in, but it would offer a bit of privacy?

Cause I’m totally in the one percent here:

I’m just saying. At least I recognize my insanity.

Soooo…I MUST KNOW. Do you have sidelights? Glass in your front door? A FULL glass front door like (brave!) Sarah? If you a ninja like me, could you do it? For the sake of natural light?

Do tell! I think I may at least call my contact to see what the possibilities are and what the cost is…I think. It doesn’t hurt to call…right?